There will also be a vocal track and some solos. This song isn't perfect yet -- there are some faults I will fix in due time.

And I'm sorry it's so long. My fav part is 4:00 and outwards.

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This song is awesome, i enjoyed the listen. I liked the eerie intro, it really helped build up to the first riff. I love your tone as well, nice and heavy. I might also add that your drums sound sweet, what are you using? Nice breakdown thing with the first riff again afterwards. It sounds a bit repetitive but you did mention that you were gonna add vocals and solo's, which would sort it. I thought it sounded really good when you repeated the palm muted riff with loads of cymbals and stuff. I also liked the use of violins, or whatever they were throughout the whole song. Although, I think it would be good if there were a small section or something without them. Overall a very good piece, well done! Give me a shout if you get the full version done, i would like to hear it.

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this is epic! the intro really build the mood. the violins/synth were a really nice touch...the drums were good, the snare was a bit too hard. guitar riffs were awsome. some of this reminded me of CoB....in a good way. bass would be good, and so would clean guitar in some of the parts where the synths are.

i like the palm muted part alot...it did get a bit repetive, but you changed things up enough so that i kept interest. this sounds alot like an epic movie soundtrack...like 300 but cooler haha! i really like the synth riff about half way through...epicness...then when the breakdown and palm mutes start the song=amazing!

the solo was cool, some more high tones would be cool...

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Long song, I'll crit while I listen.

Intro - Love it. The air raid siren has been done hundreds of times, but its still cool every time. I like that nasty analog synth bass.

Beat kicks in... badass. Nice rhythm track. Got me bobbing my head.

Ohh.. break. Nice. Love the synths again. The guitar comes back and builds nicely. Then here's that sweet rhythm again. Very well done.

Next rhythm guitar part - really chugging along. And then the long chords must be the pre-chorus? Chorus is killer, too. I want to hear this with vocals.

Not a big fan of the bells in the break there. Could use another layer of synths or something. The high tone is a little obtrusive. When the beat kicks back in, it starts to sound like trance music to me. It has that consistent predictable melody and it gets a little old. You break out of this though when the high strings come in and the guitar gets more interesting.

I can't help but think the song could use a sick guitar solo over this part. It would really set it off. (unless you're supposed to be singing there.. maybe just a high guitar part for some more depth)

Breakdown to the end... I like the drums. Nice arrangement on that. The beat sounds like it would seriously rock if played by a live drummer. I like the little riff you threw in at the end.

I feel like I just finished watching a movie.

Good stuff.

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