Ok so I have a gibson sg and I was playing it like ten minutes ago and I notice my bridge pickup stopped working.

I switch to bridge and it just makes a fuzzy noise. when I put my finger on the pickup it starts working for a little then just fuzzez.

also when I turn the bridge tone knob all the way down it turns the guitar off altogether.

My guitar still works in the middle and neck position but it stops working in the bridge position.

also my kn obs are acting weird... They keep turning after I get to ten adn just keep turning.
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Sure it's not your amp or cable?
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Sure it's not your amp or cable?

yeah im sure. if it was the cord it wouldnt work in any position.
are the pickups closed or open? because my strats humbucker is open, and sometimes fizzles out and I have to like wiggle it to get it going (poor thing needs a new pickup)
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check solder joints, think i heard something before about them having bad solder joints.
Hmm... may be a bad soldering job on the inside. First, take your pot knobs off and tighten the bolt underneath(not too tight, you may have to replace these some day)to ensure that this doesn't happen again. That might fix the wiggle(if not who knows what happened to your sg). I'm not sure where the electronics are on an sg but there's probably a plate on the back behind the pots. Open it up and have a look, if wires are disconnected or barely hanging on, its most likely just a soldering issue. If not your pots are probably the problem. Pots are cheap though so, if its that not much of an issue. Fix at your own risk though, I could be completely wrong.
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