I have a Zoom MRs-802 which is a general multi-track recording device and wanted to try a condenser mic (rode nt2-a) which requires phantom power which my recording unit has but it doesnt seem to be working! Are there other ways to make the condenser mic work?

If i got a phantom power supply with an output and input then connected it between the mic and recording unit (connected to an existing mic input on the Rec unit) would that work?
The phantom power supply would work, but I doubt the unit's phantom power supply is broken. Perhaps you are doing something else wrong.
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cool its good to hear that you thinthe power supply idea would work!

I hope for my sake that i am doing something wrong! But i took it into the music store today and tried different leads, mics etc and theres nothing worng with them. so it came down to what i was doing with the recording studio. The instruction said to plug the condenser mic into a normal mic jack then turn the phantom power on (switched at the back). I did this and there was a sudden noise when i would turn the switch off or on, but still wasnt picing up a signal at all unfortunately
Condenser Mic-Rode NT2-a

XLR to Jack cable

Zoom mrs-802 Multi-track recording studio
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Condenser Mic-Rode NT2-a

XLR to Jack cable

What do you mean by that? Is it XLR on both ends, or is it XLR on the mic end and 1/4" on the other end? As I understand it, 1/4" jacks can not transmit phantom power. You don't need to use a 1/4" jack with that machine, because it has the combination jacks.

If you are using just a regular XLR cable though, I have no idea what the problem is.
sorry for the confusion dude! Its a result of me talkng in laymens terms. I will try explaining by link to some pics so you know what im on about a bit better.

here is a rear panel view of the recording studio. On the right there are 2 jack inputs. Just left of centre theres an on/off switch for phantom power. When turned on both jack inputs have phantom power to them.

HERE is the XLR/jack cable that im using.

There is no XLR input on the recording unit so it has to plug into either one of the 1/4 inputs.
Actually, those inputs are combination inputs, meaning that they'll take either XLR or 1/4" jacks. What you need is a regular XLR cable, because like I said, I'm pretty sure that 1/4" connectors, whether they're TS or TRS, do not carry phantom power.
I just attached a picture of the rear panel this has a a picture of an xlr that has to to connect to the unit by the looks of it!? Maybe i have to find a way to change the jack input to an xlr input because like you said the power may not transfer through the jack connection.

Ok so i checked it out and this time i bloody made a relization
1st- that im stupid and
2nd-it actually has a duel connection (both xlr and jack) on the recording studio!

This is a classic case of me been smokin to many cat skins lol Sorry for this guys!
rear panel (2).jpg
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Don't worry about it. I'm sure those jacks look confusing if you haven't seen one before. Hopefully it works out for you now.