as the title reads.....

and tools as in mecahnical tools, such as spanners, shifters, screw drivers.

i thought this was pretty random, so yeh.. do tell
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Axl Rose.

I see what you did there man.....So i'll be

MC Hammer
i'd be a hammer :P
Its Complicated
this time i think it might be
Jackhammer or chainsaw
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Listen to ExtremeMetalFTW, he knows what he is talking about...

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I clicked System Restore and it said "System Restore Is Unable To Protect You".

a level
Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the cake this morning!

yeah, that's an inside joke. i made it different colors and sizes to be obnoxious...
There ain't no moral to this story at all. Anything I tell you very well could be a lie.
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A drill

to drill your mom


Damn. I can't belived I laughed at that.