What do you guys think about this kid? I've been watching his videos and keeping up with his profile for the past few months and I think this kid is absolutely amazing. He can cover songs, cover songs and add his own touches to it and he can write his own songs. I think he's only like 17. What a young talent! What do you guys think? Are you as impressed with him as I am? No bashing either plz. If your not a fan of him just say so politely.
I don't like shred. But he's talented.

However, talent can't save a face like that. Zomg.
he is pretty damn good. I like his Christmas song video. and there was some video by him that I liked but I don't remember what it was
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I'm amazed at how square his head is.

hahaha +1
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I'm amazed at how square his head is.

I was just thinking of that.
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Yeah, he's really good. Thing is, I just can't dig him. (inb4hislooksputmeoff) Just something about the playing style I've never really connected with.

Really can't knock him though, he's talented.

Maybe he should get a mask a la buckethead, however...for obvious reasons... :p
I remember him from about a year ago, back when he was mostly playing his Jem. His Canon Rock cover was great, and his originals were, too.

EDIT: He's apparently a Fender endorsee now. That's awesome.
Just starting listening becuase of this thread and I like him, very orginal songs he's done and he's so good at guitar, drum and bass.

jealouy also sets in because he has them all at his disposal and the talent he has.


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I'm amazed at how square his head is.

He always reminds me of David Coulthard.
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I'm not a shred fan, but jesus this kid is good...

He makes me wish i'd taken the guitar up earlier (instead of at 21) not saying i'd be as good as he is.
I'm a big fan, i love his interpretation of songs
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