So, I have a cheap first act guitar. It's acoustic and a few years old. I have never changed the strings and I can't figure out how. I've changed the string to electric guitars before but never this acoustic one. If anyone has one, could you please help?
you gotta pop out the bridge pins and put the ball end of the string in there

once the ball end is in you put the bridge pin back in

then you do the rest with the winding of the string and such
can u tie a knot?
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are the strings tied on or on little pins on the bridge? im guessing pins, right?
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thanks all. but while i was attempting to change the strings one of the heads of the pins broke and the string won't budge. it's the low E string. I can't get it out no matter how hard i try. any suggestions?
Take it to a luthier. It's not a big problem (just need to pull the pin out and replace it), but maybe if you keep trying to take the pin off you could break something.