Ok, so after doing a lot of research I have decided that I desperately want an ESP SV Standard. However, which guitar I want isn't really the important point at hand. The price is. Rather, the fact that I don't have $2700 (roughly). At least, that's the price I've found from eBay and some other website.

And since I don't have it, that means I'm going to try and convince my parents to at the very least help me pay for it. Ideally, they'll be paying for the whole thing, though.

So, that brings me to the Pit, because I really need everyone's help in finding a convincing way to get them to do this for me. As it stands, I'm pretty much broke, so I'm really relying on them.

Any help is very much appreciated
Say you found out that you contracted AIDS from your gay lover.

Shock tactics work.
Wait, you're in college - why the hell do you want that? Equipped with this knowledge. I second the 'get a ****ing job' notion.
1.Kill them.
2.Take their credit cards.
3.Go on ebay.
4.Buy guitar.
6. Profit.
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get a job.

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Ask them for something much more expensive first. Then ask for the guitar.
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Say you found out that you contracted AIDS from your gay lover.

Shock tactics work.

That was also my choice...
yup good ol' AIDS...
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theres one on Australian Ebay now for $300
try that
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get a job
do **** around the house
make them think that they have to reward you big some way... i dunno, save a life or something
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