Aside from the obvious what is the difference between the sound of these guitars. I don't have the ear to tell the difference now, so what should I listen for?
24 fret guitar will have higher possible notes????

what are we looking for here?
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the difference between 22/24 fretted guitars isn't in sound, it's in the number of notes per string. With the 24 frets, you will be able to move two frets higher. For the majority of music, you will only need 22 (or even 21 for us fender users) frets, but some bands just like to squeal high, and use that extra high e. No difference in sound though, I think you're confused.
well, since the 24 fret neck is longer and extends farther onto the body of the guitar, the neck pickup has to be shifted towards the bridge a few centimeters. if anything this will result in a slighty trebly-er sounding neck pickup. i doubt this would be very obvious unless you had two otherwise identical guitars to try it on, but it is all things that make up the tone of your guitar.
I read somewhere that harmonics are at different points with a 24 fret guitar. So the neck pickup sounds creamier but I guess not

edit: what I was expecting is on the lines of what diabloman said.
sound should be same.
I prefer a 24 because with 24 you finish the last octave on there and it fits into scales better.
plus it makes it easier to reach around the 20th fret since it's a bit longer
and it's nice to just have more

as for songs.. I've only seen like 1 or 2 songs where you actually need to go past 22
but still :P
I use 21 frets and I'm happy.
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I got 24 frets, but I hardly ever go past 22. But it's still nicer to have 24 frets.
Also, a 8 string, 36 fret challenger appears.

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i have 27 frets.... but i cant use them because i suck at guitar.
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If you have a 22 fret guitar and want to get the pitch like the 23 or 24 frets, just bend the string up
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