Hi All,

I need a decent guitar stand...can anyone recommend one...it needs to be good as I don't want my ESP M-II NT getting trashed.

There's a Talyor stand that is 70 bucks made of gold, or oak wood I believe.
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just go to a music store and get a guitar stand, they're all about the same unless you want certain stuff, peavey makes em, a lot of off-brand companies make em, and they'll only set you back about <$20


cheap, and just like all of the other ones

EDIT: heres that stand the guy above me was talking about http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Taylor-Sapele-Mahogany-Guitar-Stand?sku=451020
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have you thought about going the wall hanger route?
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Walmart used to sell a single guitar stand for 10 bucks work as good as the others I have dont know if they have them anymore. Most stores should have some sort of basic stand for under 20.
I bought 3 stands for 10 bucks once. They come pretty cheap.
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