im moving all my music onto the one drive, but how do i import my songs back into itunes without doubling up on songs or having to go through them one by one selecting where the file comes from?

sorry if this thread gets posted up 2 or 3 times, it just keeps on not letting me post it
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what you do is delete everything you move onto the other drive from your library, then add them to the library from the drive you put them on
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well this should work, make a copy of the music folder you want to move to the other drive, move the copy, then go File > Add Folder to Library, add the the folder you just moved, it will either change the file paths for all the music you copied which means you can delete the original copy of the music, but test it first by deleting one song, then moving it back if it sais it cant find the file, OR it will double everything up, I'm not sure exactly how the protocol works so I'm not sure exactly how to control, but both instances have happened to me in the past.