G'day all,

I'm not on here much, so if this is the wrong section or whatever, let me know.

I recently came across GuitarCoaching.com; a site selling instructional guitar videos and some other stuff. It belongs to Mike Hayes, a very proficient Aussie guitarist.

At first glance the advertising layout looks like most other sites of this nature; large fonts, lots of things highlighted and bolded, big claims.

However, since I've heard this guy's name thrown around, I thought I'd check to see if anyone knows anything about the package...has anyone bought it, or knows someone who has?

Any thoughts would be welcome.

how is this advertising? he has a legit question
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Quote by hightension01
i wont report

but this was damn near spam

dont Advertise alright

I have no affiliation with the website; I only discovered it several hours ago. I'm a real person, wanting to know if the learning materials sold on said website are worthy of my hard-earned cash.

I agree with fastlane.
Yeah seems legit enough to me as well, I would try this guy first.


Lot's of free stuff.
I wish I had tallent and ability.

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