Hi guys.
I am really stuck on songs that i can play for a solo performance for school.

I have to choose 4 songs
They have to be 3min long, use a range of techniques and all be contrasting

i am looking for something that is not to hard to learn as i only have a few weeks to learn it.

if anyone can help it will be much appriciated
Umm.. Anesthesia (pulling teeth) by metallica, NIB by black sabbath, something by RHCP (cant recomend specific song.. not too big on them), iron maiden has really good bass.... fear of the dark would be a good closer.... oh and another good one is lemon song by led zeppelin
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I played anti-flags "police story" because it has a great beat.. (16th-8th-16th).

Then, I phased out and played a transition piece...

then a variation of dry cells "body crumbles" (it is an amazing song played as is.. but over time I made the riff into my own, the rythmic values are a bit tighter in my variation.. and it also sounds very nice if played a whole step higher)

I got second place, behind my good friend who is amazing. But I think it would have been wrong for me to have gotten first place, because I was the Rock 'n Roll club pres and I set the whoole thing up.. including gettin ghte judges... lol.

Dopes "Pig society" also has a nice riff in it.

If you want I can get you some tabs of what I played, and maybe an audio clip of the way I play body crumbles.

But just pick out your fav riff and make it your own and build on it... The thing that all the judges wrote for me was how original that variation riff for body crumbles was... that it was melodic and showed my intonation, which was something the other guys did not do.
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thanks for the help...

um yeah the tabs might help..

i was thinking of somthing with a busy bass line which is not too repetitive and sounds complicted
Why are we floating over the obvious here? Chop down some Victor Wooten and Jaco and you have at least one piece, dunno if they would count as contrasting if you used both.
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stu hamm's bass solo from joe satriani live in san fransisco
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Solar Groove by John Myung has several techniques. Harmonics, chords, turning 3 measures of 4/4 into 4 measures of 3/4, but would require a six string...
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Play some Stu Hamm, Jaco, Wooten, etc. I'd personally try to avoid just playing the bassline to random rock songs.
Moonlight Sonata, Pathetique, and Fur Elise are cool on bass

http://www.all-about-beethoven.com/beethovenmusicsheet.html - These are what I'm using to learn them, and playing any one on bass is an almost instant win.
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Rush has some very interesting bass lines that are complex and some that sound amazing that are fairly simple.
Continuum by Jaco Pastorius - Jazz/Fingerstyle Thing

The Awakening by Les Claypool - Funkiness

Country Music (A Night in Hell) by Stu Hamm - Country/Tap Thing

Classical Thump by Victor Wooten - Classical/Slap Thing

I'd play those in that situation.
battlestar scralatchtica - incubus

its funky and has heaps of room for imprvisation
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Please, please, please. Do not play Anesthesia. How about you compose something? That not only speaks of you as a bassist but as a musician.


And Jesus Christ, people, start recommending other stuff than Anaesthesia and the other usual suspects.

Quahogs, anyone?
Maybe even a bit of Charlotte's Song?
Or how about we have a little Dance of Eternity?

There's SOOOOOOOOOOO much good stuff out there guys, that it's a shame to just go over the same songs in these threads over, and over and over.
Stay Clean - Motorhead

Simple line, and nice little solo in there, all you need is speed and a tad distortion.

That. Learn that and they will bow down to you. (Bass solo at end of video)

Also, check out Glove by Nathan Hughes, or Tetra-Sync by Squarepusher.

ALl much more interesting than Anaesthesia/PoT.

I'm adding more to this post. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMzXtizKcXY&feature=related If you're a slapper, this is definately a video to check out.
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Just listen to Joy Division especially songs like She's Lost Control.
Peter Hook is my favourite bassist - and one of the best in my opinion.
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