All right i have a MIM Fender Stratocaster HSS. im buying a new bridge pickup over spring break. i dont really have that much experience about them so i need help.
i want it to play heavy stuff like metallica and not get muddy and i still want a nice clean sound of it. any help would be greatly appreciated
humbucker pickups are good for distortion and metal. single coil pickups like on fenders are better suited for a clean sound but can handle distortion. the jackson RR24 has EMG 81's but as i dont have one i dont know what it sounds like but reviews say it sounds great. itr is supposed to be a good pickup generally too
if you want metallica, go emg 81. Seymour duncan blackout would be a good idea to do too. And get your music store to put it in, you don't want to **** it up...
it depends on what amp you have, if you have a tube amp get an active, if you dont, i wouldn't get the active.

try...maybe a Dimarzio Tone Zone or Evo
or maybe a Duncan Jazz.
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