Hey, this is a little acoustic song I wrote a while back.. It's finally recorded and I'm looking for some criticism/comments on it C4C. Just include a link in your post and I'll return the favour

(song is in my profile)
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Thanks for the compliments on mine.

Pretty entertaining, really. I have a couple of comments:

The vocals sound like you're holding back a lot. I bet you could sound a lot better if it wasn't so "in the bedroom trying not to be too loud" sounding. I have a problem at my place with that... my apartment walls are thin, and its hard to yell on a mic without everyone in the building hearing me.

In a couple spots you sound like you're out of breath. You need to have a little more control over that... just by practicing the song a lot you can find the spots where you've gotta breathe.

The simple folk guitar is cool. I liked it. This song had a feel sort of like a mix between the Violent Femmes and something much more modern. (a touch of pop-punk?)

Good work, keep practicing those vocals.
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The quality is very nice. What mic did you use?

Anyways the acoustic guitar sounded verrrrry nice. The vocals sounded good quality too except your actual singing was a bit lacking. There were pitch problems all over the place, you run out breath many times, and you go from half-singing to barely singing at all. Just practice the song a couple times and most of these kinds of problems can be eliminated.

I would say practice the song more times through and record a better vocal track.

7/10 Very good quality dude. I can see this on an album.
i really liked the song man...kinda sounded lovedrug-ish if youve heard of them...this is the kinda song i wish i could write lol..in terms of singing i really liked ure vocals but i can see by a comment above me that you were in and out of key or whatever (i suffer with the same problem, i guess im just tone deaf) but honestly it still sounded fine...keep writing music i really enjoyed listenining
Excellent song! Sounds really good, I like the lyrics a lot.
Your voice makes it sound really cool, kind of reminds me of Death Cab a bit. And Violent Femmes, like someone else said.
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Nicely crafted song! Well recorded; the guitar sounded great. I thought the vocals were actually perfect for this kind of song, tho there were places where you stayed a bit too monotone. The little sections where you'd sing high really made the song; you might want to try doing a bit more of that... just MHO...

Also, you might put just a smidge of reverb on the vocals; they were very dry...

Reminded me right away of Plain White T's... but I'm an old-school rocker, and don't know much about "modern" bands.

In a phrase, I dug it!

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That was really cool, definitely something I would listen to on a regular basis (if there was more than one song, of course). Remind me of the Mountain Goats a lot. Keep it up!
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