Ok, I think this the right place, because what i would like is a tab of the vocal tune for the chorus of Plug In Baby. I need it for an instrumental version of the song, but i can't find any hints as to how to transcribe the vocal line to guitar.

I've tried noodling around using the notes from the intro, but havn't made any breakthorughs. So if anyone has a starting point, the first note or the entire thing, I'd be grateful.

The notes the scale used are Bb B Db D E F Gb G, and this doesn't fit any of the scales i know, so even just knowing the scale would be brilliant. If all else fails, i'll just solo over the chorus or something.

So the vocal line please, only the chorus

That would be brilliant, but i don't have the software.

Is there any way of transcribing it into text?

Thanks for your help anyway.
If someone comes across this thread that has guitar pro they might be kind enough to convert it to txt and upload it for you, otherwise maybe request in the GP sticky for someone to help out.
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