so it's the weekend, i need something to do with my other half. Im not up for shopping and she doesn't want to do anything else.

what does UG suggest and what do you do at weekends?

good old weekends.
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Sammi-Ellen is my australian (wish i had aborted) daughter!!

There I said it, go see a film or something.

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kill yourself

my goodness what a stupid and un warranted comment, u dear sir, fail.

umm see a film, get pizza and eat it in the park. i personnally love shopping
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Sammi-Ellen is my australian (wish i had aborted) daughter!!
shopping for clothes is pretty boring...I suggest you rent a movie or get wasted or something
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u stay home give her some money to "buy herself something pretty"
then she can come home and suck you off while u watch funniest home videos. too easy
My GF wants to go shopping. problem is I haven't slept yet and we leave in like an hour, sooooooo yeah...Ima just masturbate to some Asians. Anyone wanna join??



BTW guitar is ALWAYS an option
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i smell a hate thread brewing!
weekends are pretty sucky for me, everyones home so i can't really play guitar, i pace around the house bored out of my mind until the large lounge room is free then i rock out till my fingers hurt.. then i pace some more, and cook food..

i don't have a social life by choice
I just drink till my liver is ready to be ejected from my body via the anus.
Not a pretty site.

I play quite abit of guitar in the weekend aswell.
play some video games or something aswell.
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go shopping lol
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well lets see, this is just what im doing
today: goin to the movies and a new mall just opened up
sunday: goin to nile w/ warbringer
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I just kill time between meals

The rugby's on...watch that!
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