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I was just wondering, what do you think are good busking songs?

Anything that people will recognise but not hate you for playing because every other busker in the world plays it.
Inhuman evil take down!
things that baby boomers like. only 30-50 year olds are going to give you money.
I have no opinion on this matter.
Do an acoustic cover of Footprints In The Thunder by Johnny Truant
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Glen Hansard & Market Irglova - Say It To Me Now
+1 to that. Mind you, it's in a weird tuning so that may not be a possibility..
To second what most other people have said..
Wonderwall - Oasis
Don't Look Back In Anger - Oasis
Black - Pearl Jam
Mrs. Robinson - Simon and Garfunkel
Sitting, Waiting, Wishing - Jack Johnson
Upside Down - Jack Johnson
If I Had A Million Dollars - Barenaked Ladies
Drive - Incubus
I've Just Seen A Face - The Beatles
Flathead - The Fratellis
Love Song - Sky
Semi-Charmed Life - Third Eye Blind

Basically, stick to anything upbeat, happy and recognizable. Also, when you consider that the people that are more likely to give you money are older (i.e not young people/starving students), you're likely to be better off playing older songs such as Mrs. Robinson.
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Power songs man
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The Hippy Hippy Shake.
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Sombody tell me what busking means so I can help.

playing in public for some cash.
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Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry made me a euro or two.
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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
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Slayer- raining blood.

haha ive actually played an acoustic version of that...

it was pretty badass.
play older songs that are popular, I play "Joey" by Johnny Thunders anytime I play anywhere. Also ask people for requests.
I play most megadeth at a busking event. and got more cash than most people
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does anyone actually make money doing this?
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