I have recently upgraded to the D3200 making my D1600 redundant so I thought I'd see if anybody would be interested in buying this from me here?

It's all in good working order. There is a small review here; http://www.korg.com/D1600/D1600Mastering.htm

and here;


The demo's on my profile were recorded using this gear and I found it very easy to use. There are tons of effects pre arranged on there which of course you can change to suit yourself. It also has a drum tracks which you can use and edit to get an idea down quickly. I has a 20Gb hard drive and comes with a CD-RW drive so you can produce really good demos and have them on a C.D. It has a very easy to use touch screen interface to navigate through eq and effect parameters etc..

It does have a couple of scratches here and there due to heavy usage. Pictures on request, if you would like to know more please pm me.

Thanks for reading.
How much and some pics please.


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Here you go;

It does have some scratches on it.

I'm asking £380 for it plus postage which i'd need to find out about.
Please ask away if you need to know more!