So, I have EZdrummer with the drumkit from hell add on, so I'm basically all set (recording acoustic drums is a pain in the ass, so I'm trying this out) the only problem I have is sequencing.

I run EZdrummer through Cubase SXE 3.1.1 and I want to make a custom drum beat...and I have no freaking idea how to program a custom drum beat, I've seen the youtube user Schehf program the MIDI drums within Cubase itself (as seen here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SDyJ7TtU5s).

Does anyone at all have the faintest idea of how to set up EZdrummer like this? any help would be greatly appreciated and it would make my recording 1000% easier!

Thanks in Advance UG
Do you mean completely make up your own beat without using midi files? If so, there are two ways you can do this. Manually - Click on the midi track which you'll be using for drums, and within the recording program (assuming you're using something like Cubase or whatever) there should be a piano roll option. This opens up a sort of chart where you can manually enter the notes. It IS tedious but usually all you have to do is one bar and then you can copy and paste that throughout the song, then delete the parts where there would be fills and enter those fills manually.

Another option is to use EZdrummer's preset beats. Open up the EZdrummer interface where you see the drums. Click on open grooves bottom center. On the left you'll see all the groove libraries. Pick a library and from there you'll see all sorts of beats and fills. Press the play button next to 'Drag and Drop Midi' to hear each beat or fill. Once you find one that you like, click on the beat (make sure you're clicking in the furthest right window!) and drag it over into the recording program. Now the beat is in the program and you can copy and paste it to make it longer. Repeat the process for other beats and fills.

Hopefully that all made sense
Hey im having this problem, could someone help as to how to get onto the piano roll on cubase?
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