I'm currently restoring my acoustic - all I'm wondering is, how do I remove scratches/scrapes on the finish? Is it as simple as buying some wood varnish the same colour and spraying it on? Or is it sanding the body down completely and applying new stuff?
Don't see why you wanna do that, leave them, it gives your guitar character!!
For me the character's not in the scratches but in the guitar itself... I love her so much, I just want her looking new again like she was in...well... whenever she was made lol
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Do you like how the guitar sounds?

If you answer yes, then don't touch the finish. Anything you do will change the tone, and there is no guarantee you'll like it.

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I'm sure there's a tutorial on refinishing guitars somewhere... I'll look around. Thanks for replying anyway.
Here's some reading material for you should you so desire.


And here for care and maintenance:

^About 2/3 of the way down the page, look for "Items for Luthiers", then under that heading, find the sub-heading "Finishes". All sorts of info there.