Im used to playing 25.5 scale length on my strat. I have smallish medium hands so I find it sometimes its hard to do certain chords or licks. Will moving to a 24.75 scale(les paul) make a difference? What matter more for small hands, neck thickness or scale length?
well, the scale length does not effect the thickness of your neck, just fret size, to a very small extent. as you stated, most, if not all fenders and fender owned companies used a 25.5 scale, which means the strings are longer, effecting your tone. where as gibson uses a 24.75 scale, the neck seems faster to some, however some of the worlds best shredders use a 25.5 scale, i.e. yngwie. really, scale length is a matter of personal preference.

hope this helps.
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It's a very small difference, but it is noticeable. I've heard its easier to bend on it too. I don't see how though.
Having a 24.75" scale guitar and a 25.5" scale, I can tell you that shorter scales are easier to bend than a standard 25.5" is, since the tension is lower. The 25.5 gives a brighter tone, but less bass, and vice versa with the 24.75.
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The shorter scale is easier to play. And the frets are a little closer together on the shorter scale. What you need for smaller hands is a neck with a narrower nut. LPs are 1 11/16, most strats are to but strats can be had with a narrower 1 5/8. Or you can get a conversion neck from warmoth with a shorter scale that will fit on a strat with a narrower nut and thinner neck.