In the under $100 range you will not find anything better than that however, when you are only spending $99 you can't expect anything too spectacular either. These guitars are great for kicking around a dorm and the laminated top, back and sides are good for durability. If you want to gig or if you are seriouse about good tone then you will want to look for something with a solid top, but that'll cost about 3X more.
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College is a 4 year thing, right?

I would take a serious look at the Yamaha FG700. Its $200, but it'll keep you much, much happier than that Jasmine will. You might even be able to find a used one for less than that.

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i've played the acoustic-electric version... it's not terrible...but its not great..... its worth the 100$ you pay...

i dont like the feel of it but its sounds ok IMO