I get an annoying buzz when I play an open A. Sometimes the D string also but everything else is fine. Can anyone help me out?
are the strings getting old?

if you swap them out, and dont mind, then you can try a slightly thicker gauge.

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it could either be a faulty string, something with the saddle or something with the nut
do you clip the excess string off after you've restringed..? on my acoustic after re-stringing I usuaully don't cut off the excess but when I played an open string (I think it was A) I got a horrible buzz..I was like no way, these are new strings and this acoustic is decent quality.. so I discovered that the excess of that string was touching another excess bit of string..thats what caused the buzz.. this is probably not the case for you..but it was worth me mentioning incase it was.
Does your guitar have a floyd or something similar? Because I have an open string buzz on my A and G and it's because the saddles are really worn out. It also could be your nut. It may be too low and buzzing ont he first fret. My brother just had the same issue with his ESP.
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