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Custom Guitar
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High End Stock Guitar
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High End Amp
4 80%
Amp and Guitar
1 20%
Voters: 5.
I've got a budget of about £1000 and I'm not sure whether to spend it on a custom guitar (built by me from parts), a high end stock guitar, a mid range guitar and amp, or a high end amp. Any suggestions in regard to specific models would be helpful too.

I currently have a Vintage V100 Les Paul copy and an Epiphone Valve Junior by the way.
either mid guit and amp or high end amp. dunno how good "vintage" are. dont go custom. its really too much trouble i reckon. ive never done it but most people seem to say if your not a luthier then dont bother trying.
A great amp can make an ordinary guitar sound good.

A crappy amp will make an incredible guitar sound aweful.
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I was thinking about the Orange Rocker 30 for an amp, opinions?

I'd like something that can pull off nice cleans and fairly high gain, the latter of which orange aren't particularly known for but it seems like a nice amp for the price.