Here's the main question...anyone on here have troubles or had troubles with the tuning pegs on Fender basses? I have a Standard jazz(MIM) and a Geddy jazz. The Standard is a '92 and the Geddy is '07. I got the Standard off of Ebay and the Geddy from GC(new). I noticed the Standard had quite a bit of slop in the tuning pegs. Once it's tuned it stays tuned, it's just that when I turn the peg it feels like it does nothing at 1st. Say I'm tuning and the "A" string is sharp. I turn the peg to down-tune and the tension seems to just release...no tension at all. Then I turn the peg to tune"up" and it turns about 1-2 turns before it gets tension on it and bites the tuner to turn the peg. Did that make sense?(hard to explain).
Last night I changed the strings on my Geddy and the "E" strings started doing the same thing. Is this common for Fender tuning pegs? I haven't had a Fender since 1979 so I don't recall if the tuners were like that on the old Musicmaster or not. In fact I haven't played music since '79 so I'm not sure how the tuners should be.
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I've never had that problem with my current bass (which are admittedly "Hipshot Licensed" Fender tuners) or my old bass which were cheaper versions of the Fender tuners. The only thing I can think of is that you have put the strings on incorrectly.
I love mine. They're really responsive for me- I can get tuning within one or two cents like it's a piece of cake.
I had that same problem on a Fernandes strat copy... but never on my American P-bass or my Mexican Jazz. The tuners always work well and hold a tuning for a week or more!
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It sounds like it could a be a couple of things...

- Are your strings wound on the post so that none are on top of each other. That could result in the symptoms you're describing.

- You may need to get your tuners tightened. I had a problem on my '74 Precision that the tuners needed different amounts of force to tune them.

- MIM tuners aren't that great in my experience. It would be a thought to upgrade them.