Poll: For/Against sticker slogans on guitars?
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I deserve a "METAL AS ****" stamp. \m/
7 6%
Stickers are stupid.
81 67%
Symbols and picture stickers are okay.
33 27%
Voters: 121.
I noticed this trend of covering every inch of your (usually slightly cheap) guitar with stickers collected from metal/rock magazines.

I think it's good to personalize your guitar, but maybe covering it with cliché slogans like "METAL AS HELL" isn't the best option. You might risk getting mislabeled as a poser too.

For/Against slogan stickers?
I only covered my old starter guitar with stickers, if you do it to a decent guitar then that is just stupid.

Guitars are beautiful creatures. How dare we bastardise their angelic features?!

What about Ashtons?

I don't do it, neither do I like it, but I do like the look of beaten electric guitars.
Quote by VivaLaJam
I only covered my old starter guitar with stickers, if you do it to a decent guitar then that is just stupid.

VivaLaJam is right.

I coverd my Encore strat begginers guitar with stickers and didn't regret it.

So if itts acheap guitar then sticker it up.

If its an expensive guitar than dont
On my starter guitar (a cheap strat copy) I stuck loads of stuff on (even a £1 coin) and painted on it, I don't like it now
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I think having a guitar with stickers screams "Douchebag".
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I have political stickers and band logos on my cheapest guitar. I like it that way, but my two other more expensive guitars I keep nice and clean.
Good thing if you play punky music. Pop punk, 'real' punk, or anything along those lines and it looks good.
Putting stickers on your guitar may be cool in Guitar Hero, but it's not in real life.
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I've started doing it to my old Yamaha, I think it looks pretty cool when a guitar is totally covered.

I wouldn't put stickers on my Ibanez though.
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i have stickers all over my black sg... they of different candy's/ beverages i enjoy... im on the chubbier side so it fits me

i have a tea/ asian thing going on with my strat... i painted the pickgaurd, but a green tea leaf near the bridge and the chinese symbol for tea (thats the only thing thats permanent seeing as its carved in)

both guitars 100-150 so not too much too lose... ive left my bass alone however

i play ska punk for the most part so its generally accepted either way...
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On my first Epi Les Paul, I had a Barney the Dinosaur and some Finding Nemo stickers on it. Just for the hell of it. I got quite a few 'WTF' looks.
stickers only look good on squiers.
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Vai covered some of his guitars with playboy pinups, and Gilbert has a dinosaur sticker guitar, so if you can afford it I think go for it.
i would NEVER put anything that will damage my finish and cover up the beauty of the guitar i have
doesn't Malmsteen usually put a few Ferrari stickers on his vintage strats? if he does, that would be kind of like putting an LOLWUT pear in the background of the Mona Lisa.
I've a friend who has a whole guitar sticker.It's customized so it fits the whole guitar.I think thats a good idea.
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Jerry Cantrell put stickers and stuff on his G&L Rampages (which are probably priceless now)

I wouldn't put any stickers on my Jetking, or my MIJ Strat
But I would sharpie and sticker my starcaster to death.
I don't even shred
If I had a guitar with a scratchplate, I'd take it off and cover just the scratchplate with stickers until you couldn't see what colour it used to be. My friend did it to his strat and it looked amazing.
your guitar do what ya want with. but if ya do dont try to trade it in or sell it as value will be less....
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Quote by Broken_Drum
I think a guitar can look good with one or two stickers on it, any more and it looks ridiculous.

Take Thom Yorke's Telecaster for example...

I think that guitar looks good.

actually the Mac logo may be the only sticker id ever put on my guitar, but if i could afford it watever sticker i thought would look good id just get painted on, i still feel like they ruin the finish/overall feel of the guitar
fleas bass anyone? Anyway, around here it seems like its more of the beginners who play punk and pop-punk who do it. I never did and probably never will because I like the way my guitars look but if other people want to why not? Its their instrument let them add their own character to it however they want.
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Please don't tell me I'm the only one that clicked this thread thinking I would learn how to make my guitar sound like a grizzly bear.
Quote by VivaLaJam
I only covered my old starter guitar with stickers, if you do it to a decent guitar then that is just stupid.

This is correct.
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Depends on the sticker itself. If it's something like this then it's awsome (but only for you guitar case, not the gutiar)


Forgot to add, I actualy did have a sticker on my first guitar, it was the apple logo that I got from Ipod.

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treat your guitar like you'd treat a child: put stickers on it after its had surgery.
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treat your guitar like you'd treat a child: put stickers on it after its had surgery.

That made me lol. Great idea. !
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