Ok so I got a guitar for christmas and I understand how to play now. I thinks its time to move on to a better guitar. My range is anywere up to 200 and the most 250 bucks. Any ideas.
when you w8 for more money you can buy a line6 that guitar r0x man
or whit your money i say a squar will be the best
What guitar do you have now?
Maybe an Epiphone Les Paul Special?
Or SG Special? Squier Stats, Teles?
The new squiers are pretty nice.
Good quality, good luck with your new stuff!
What guitar do you have now? Squier Strats and Teles are great, Ibanez guitars are good too. Gibson Les Pauls are great too, together with Strats and Teles they're some of the most used guitars. Which is a good thing, by the way. SG's are cool guitars, too, some of my favorites in fact. If you play acoustic, though, I can't help you. The only acoustic I've ever had was a Spanish-made acoustic, really old.
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What do you have now? If you've only been playing since Christmas it might not be time to move on just yet, unless you have a pretty bad guitar.
Save up more cash and guy a better quality guitar. Ibanez or ESP is your best bet..

what are you playing now? guitar? amp? style?
Get a Gibson USA 1967 Flying V Re-Issue....Can't ****ing go wrong w/ that Axe
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