So I got this sweet Rocktron Chameleon preamp that I'm just loving, but of course I get tired of having to let go of the guitar to change presets, volume, etc. so I go out and get the ART X-15 ultrafoot midi controller pedal to make it do stuff with my feet. I'm a fairly mechanically inclined guy (I fix computers for a living), but this thing is kicking my ass. I read the manuals for both the preamp and the pedal and managed to get some semblance of function out of the thing, but my real question is this:
Is this supposed to be so freaking hard? Is there some easier way to set this thing up? I'm trying to set up one expression pedal to control volume, and the other to control more context-sensitive stuff like flanger or delay depending on the preset. Only thing is, I have to set up the midi controller functions for EVERY preset. That's like 255 presets that I have to jump through a flaming hoop to configure. I read in the manual about a midi dump... whatever that is. HELP ME.