Got this problem,
I'm having a hard time to hold the pick, it slides of my grip all the time.
Anyone have some nice tip to hold the pick?
And, should the pick be still when I hit the strings? or will it kind of give in, and bend some?

Thank you, and I hope you guys understood me.
I personally hold it with my thumb, index, and middle fingers. A lot of people I know only use their thumb and index but like ginjan said its personal preference. It used to slip out of my fingers a lot too, but as you play more it won't happen as much.

As for the pick bending, that all depends on the thickness of the pick. I use a 1.5mm heavy pick for most songs so it doesn't bend at all, but on faster songs such as Pinball Wizard I use a light because the bending makes it easier to play faster.
Picks are usually gripped with two fingers—thumb and index—and are played with pointed end facing the strings. However, it's a matter of personal preference and many notable musicians use different grips. For example, Eddie Van Halen holds the pick between his thumb and middle finger; James Hetfield and Steve Morse hold a pick using 3 fingers—thumb, middle and index!
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I also agree that there is no wrong way. Its music man, there are no rules but your own. I used to have problems holding picks too.(Sweaty hands) I tak and exacto knife or razor blade and carve lines and x's in my picks to aid in grip. Lots of pro's do this.
Most people (I think) hold it with their thumb and the side of their index finger. I hold it with my thumb, index, and middle finger. I usually use a medium pick, but since I'm at a real tight budget right now, I can only use my light one, and I lost all my others .
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If it slides out of your hand, buy the pick with "sandy" cover.
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