I'm getting new power tubes and want to get better ones than what I already have. I think these are EL34 Groove tubes but I'm not positive. Here's a pic

I was looking at the EL34 JJ's because they do distortion very well and sound kind of dark. I will be playing metal so I think this will work quite nicely. Anybody have any other suggestions?
i have the EL34 JJ's and they are KILLER. I play a marshall dsl50, so it's got four 12ax7's in the preamp, and two EL34's in the power amp. I just got the stock tubes replaced with JJ's a few months ago, and it's like night and day.

the JJ tubes give every aspect of my amp's tone a serious boost. the trebles sound more natural, the bass sounds more punchy, the mids sound more crunchy. The amp feels more responsive to my pick and fingers now too... almost like a compression effect, only it occurs naturally in the tubes.

suffice to say, the difference in tone was noticeable enough that everyone else in my band and my house has commented on the improved tone i get from my amp now.
^Ok thanks. Ya i've heard good things about them but not from anybody who uses them so thankyou for that. BTW did you install and bias them yourself or get a pro to do it?
i got a pro to do it. i'm not that great with the innards of amps, and i haven't had the amp even looked at since i bought it 4 years ago. luckily it was in good shape... the guy said it was the best looking DSL50 he's ever worked on, which might explain why Jim Marshall autographed the front of it, lol... i guess i got a good one, because i've lugged that amp all over the place in the back of vehicles, and it's never crapped out on me...

***knocks on wood***
Arg. Ok I don't think any place around here replaces tubes so I might have to do it myself.
don't do it. You could kill yourself if you don't know what you are doing (i'm assuming you are talking about biasing the amp).

If you only change the actual tubes themselves and don't bias you run the risk running the tubes too cool or hot. Not really dangerous but

too cool = doesn't sound as good as it should
too hot = shortens tube life
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Why the crap is biasing so dangerous!? I saw this guy show you how to do it on youtube and all it was was attach the multimeter and use a screwdriver to turn the little bias adjusters accordingly. I'm sorry if I seem stubborn but its just I don't think any place around here does that.
there are a certain type of capacitors inside tube amps that remain charged for long time after they have been unplugged (i think some people said it could be more than weeks). All it would take to kill you would be for the electricity to arc from the cap to your hand.

Do what you want though. I value my life enough that I wouldn't mind spending a couple extra bucks on something like biasing an amp.
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I told my friend the, electrical wizz, to look up as much info as he can on tube amps and biasing them so he can help me and make sure I don't do something stupid.

But thankyou for the info. I was unaware of how the electricity could go from the cap to your hand. What if it's grounded?
I don't have an answer to that question. All I know is that you can easily kill yourself if you don't know what you are doing. Ask in the "Everything you ever wanted to know about TUBES!" thread. The people there are much more informed than I am.
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if it's grounded, the cap will be discharged. These are not grounded in the circuit, some amps have bleeder resistors in the circuit, but a lot just hold the charge. Don't poke around in the circuit, and you should be fine. It's not really that difficult. If you get something like a Weber Bias probe, it makes it very simple actually. Have your friend watch these vids, if your amp isn't listed, use the generic bias video.

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The new Mullard EL34's are supposed to be very good. They really tried to capture the tone of the Mullards that helped make classic Marshall's -well- classic. My understanding is that they did a good job.
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