Take me away to the darkness
Take me out of this sad mind
Let the madness rein while my crazy eyes cry
Let me fly on life
I could care if I die

Darkness rage over my soul tonight
Drive me insane
Get me through the pain
Release this rage from my mind

Let the love come tame me
As I know it will
Feel the night around us
Let your hart take flight
Shine tonight wile the darkness lasts

It might be weak or crapy. IDK. I haven't worked with it much. I wrote it quickly. I was in an angry mood so I dicided to write. when I was in the middle of it I wanted to change in into more of a love sort of song. so yeah it probibaly sounds like its about sex. wich to me is sensable being that thats something I can have good fellings and ill angry feeling tward.
thats pretty cool dude. im not much of a songwriter/critic, but it does sound cool..
the love bit at the end kinda threw me off but it was cool
... thats good! Can you tell me how to write your own songs because I don´t have good ideas for songs... maybe you can tell me! ^^
looking at it now that can be a bit of a throw off. I was changing gears a bit at that part of the song.

as far as writing. try to catch yourself when a feeling is bubbling inside you. anger saddness exet... get some paper (or type) and start writing. don't erase don't look back just keep writing and see what happens.
This is good....I liked the way it changes at the end though themiddle doesn't seem to flow as well as teh beginning and end
man this is pretty good, like i said to the other guys lyrics i commented. I just try and jam to peoples lyrics ahaha and yours came out pretty good aswell, came out as one of those songs where the gutars hit a chord hold it and the guy sings, pretty good lyrics. And as for Greg i like the " Drive me Insane" bit. Good stuff, maybe check out my lyrics.

" Slipping Away "
thats cool. I usualy try to look for weak lines. " Drive me Insane" just seemed original to me. maybe it should stay. I'll think on it.