I can't find any reviews of it on UG or any other sites. Anyone know whether it's any good?
is that what BTBAM uses? 'cause if so i hear it was discontinued, but theres a chance they might me bringing it back
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is that what BTBAM uses? 'cause if so i hear it was discontinued, but theres a chance they might me bringing it back

It's only just been released this year.
I'm sure they're amazing. Wizard Prestige neck, ash body. It's probably very similar to a PGM with a different shaped body. It also uses the same bridge that's on the new JEM.
I think, because of the particularly 'classy' look of the body, they aren't doing as well as other of the more obscure Ibanez body shapes. If they were popular, they would be more readily availible. I'm taking that assumption with a pinch of salt.
isn't that the semi-telecaster ish body style?

it looks great
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I've found a really cheap one in Red - the best colour.
Although I have other guitars and amps that are more needed right now, I love the look so much I'm really tempted to buy it.
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is that what BTBAM uses? 'cause if so i hear it was discontinued, but theres a chance they might me bringing it back

BTBAM used discontinued s prestige, but now i think they use prs 24 customs.
It has a wizard 5 pc maple/walnut Prestige neck, 25,5 in scale,24 jumbos on rosewood, tight end bridge, with a 5 way toggle that really has some good sounds you can pull out of it. Try it you might like it.
Well the neck joint is in the same spot as the other Prestiges. It also has the same neck dimensions. I doubt it's neck heavy since the strap buttons are in good, balanced places.
I honestly havnt heard of it, and im quite big on ibanez. I'll google it.
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It's a new addition to their line-up and they haven't really advertised it that much. Goog'ling it gets you very few, if any, reviews. The official Ibanez website and a few other places offer the only info seemingly availible.

There's a guy on youtube who plays dream theater covers with one, but they're not very good. I assume that no one has one because they're $1300. You can get a good RG or a good S with that money. They're also very new so if they did buy it, it probably wasn't a planned thing. I was wondering why they decided to make it a Prestige. I think they should've made a more affordable version first or made them both at the same time so it could at least have some solid ground like the X Series. Those things are pretty popular for a new guitar, they also had good prices when they were released. I would buy it if it I wasn't saving for amps and a 7-string. If it's still around in a couple years, I would definitely get it. It's high on my list of guitars to buy, along with the 7-string RGA they're releasing.
7-Sting RGA?

I've got the money for the Ibanez Apex2 that I'm most likely going to buy in the next month, and by that time I should have enough to buy a proper amplifier - most likely a Matamp. Alltogether, £2000 for a head, a 2x12, and a seven string. The money for the FR1620 would have to be borrowed and paid back weekly if I choose to go for it. I don't want to miss a deal like the one I've found.
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7-Sting RGA?

It's not definite. LACS built one for Buz from Unearth. There's talk about Ibanez releasing one. They're seeing if the demand is high enough.
Hey all.
I have one. Great guitar. Had it for almost a year.
The 5 piece wizard neck is the nicest they make. The pickups are medium hot, but have also decent single coil sound. It is very much like the Paul Gilbert models, just with a very contoured Tele body. I read that someone saw Paul playing one at a clinic.

I'm not much of a trem user so I think the fixed bridge is really the one of the best parts.
All in all, a very versatile ax. Shred, blues, whatever.
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