Hey. So i just got my Epi LP Standard restringed at a shop, got it back, sounds great. But the action of my high E seems to be a lot lower than it was before, making it twang when i try to play it. It's especially bad when im playing just an open D, or anything around that area..Just wondering if any's had this problem, and what would/could be the cause of it? Should i take it back to the shop? Thanks.
I had pretty much the same problem before, you could try raising the action via the tune-o-matic bridge. Do it in small increments until the the problem is gone. If you'd rather have a professional do it, then bring it back to the shop. I don't understand why they would lower your action without your request or permission to do so. And if you happened to upgrade the gauge of your strings that could've been the problem, if not then just ignore this sentence.