I learn how to finger tapping for a while but I'm still not very good at it. So do you have any recommened songs that uses finger tapping. Please not anything too difficult because I'm not too good at it. I just wanted to improve on that area of my playing.
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Eruption is pretty good. It's what I used as my first tapping song and it helped me alot.
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Eruption is the way to go...my first tapping song as well.

Play it slow at first, obviously, and then build speed - but it's a good song to learn because you've got some movement on the neck, but at the same time, only one string.
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the first part of the one solo by metalica, and the first part of the crazy train solo by ozzy
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Eruption and once you get past that try "He-man Woman Hater"by Extreme.
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My first one was Am I Evil by Diamond Head. The solo is fun to play along to.
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Ignore using tapping to play like most people, learn "Midnight" by Joe Satriani; that's how tapping should be used.
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