Thin lizzy is coming with Def Leppard to Trondheim in a few months.

I really dig Thin Lizzy (Feel free to join group!) , but the lack of Phillip Lynott make me ask this question:

Should i go to the concert? I kinda feel i wouldn't be the same without Phillip Lynott.

Thanks in advance.

Stories: Can anyone that have been to TL concerts tell me how it was?
EDIT: Typo.
Har nånn egentli vorri langt sjøl om bestemt sæ for å bruk t å me gå å vill å gjør sjå mer lik?
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I saw them in December

It was good I admit, I'm not old enough to have experienced Lynott live so I cant really say

They didn't play whisky in the jar either, I'm assuming it was down to a lack of phil
I'd be into checking them out - even though Phil kind of WAS the band. Who's even in Thin Lizzy these days? Any of the classic lineup? (Gorham, Robertson, Downey) Assuming any those guys are still alive...