Hey everyone, been a while since I've been around UG. I've been busy with college, music, and the usual ****. I've got a few new songs for you all to check out if you've got the time.

Here's my soundclick page

I forget the last song that I posted here, so feel free to listen to any songs and let me know what you all think! Comments, advice, criticism, etc. are welcome.
All your tracks are pretty epic, and thats not even my type of music. Sound like satrini. I can tell your a good guitarist.. and everything is well produced.. Take it to the next level I say
When the sun falls the moon rises...

My attempt at art lasted for an instant and then faded like a candle without oil...

When i get around to making more candles hopefully my art will return in a perfect form that all can appreciate.
Thanks for checking my stuff out! You can hear the Satch, Vinnie Moore, and many others (Satch and Moore sticks out the most in my playing, at least to me) influences in my playing. That's the kind of stuff that comes more natural to me. I've been wanting to work on an all out shred piece for a while now, but I'm never happy with the results when I try to force myself into writing/coming up with a song that isn't coming natural to me... if that makes any sense.