Have an effects rig where I could click something to take wah in and out of the circuit completely?

My Vox V847 really dampens the wonderful cleans I get out of my amp, so I'd love to be able to essentially remove it for when I'm focusing on clean sounds and then click it back in for solos whilst using other stuff.
mod it for true bypass. there's a wah modding thread in the GB&C forum. it'll have instructions in there.
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Just get a true bypass box. It does exactly what you said, click it on to engage it into your rig, click it off to do the opposite.
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Looper pedal...s

You could set somehting up using two of these
and your wah in the middle with a cable joining the two of the loopers... But after pissing about with that you may as well just TB it.

Or yes a TB box. Which i forgot about which would make a hell of alot more sense than that crap...