Hey, can you all give me some examples of amazing tapping solos that aren't to hard to pull off? I'm forgetting about blues today, I feel in a metallic mood ^^

One - Metallica
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Do some Buckethead 4 finger tapping....
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The ones already listed are awesome. If you should happen to need something else, the solo (and the rest of the song) for Dead Skin Mask by Slayer is sweet! Sounds pretty spooky and it is not too hard to play. Kerry King has a video floating around of him showing you how to do it and there are tabs readily available.
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the green tinted sixties mind intro is kewl.

Check out satch on surfing with the alien, he taps good.
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one is pretty easy too. The tapping part in Fade to black is nice and slow so thats not to hard either
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One - Metallica

/thread. again.
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