I have recently been on a Riverside concert. While talking with guitarist I forgot to ask him about effects he uses to get that kind of specific sound [like for example in Loose Heart solo.]. Is it Chorus + Distortion?

Second question:
While building my wah I realised that it will rise the sound frequency up to 2.5Khz . Won't it be too much for my amp to survive it ?
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What about my Wah question?
Poor polish guitar player.
Dabrowa Gornicza. Wprawdzie to Zaglebie a nie Slask, ale ze panowie z gory nas przyporzadkowali do woj. Slaskiego to nie moja wina

About wah - I assume that it shouldn't hurt your amp. After all, ie. Treble in your amps EQ boosts/cuts even bigger frequencies than 2.5Khz
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Dabrowa Gornicza.

Byłem na Riversach z gościem z Dąbrowy "Samuraj Grześ" mu mówią.

Thanks for help
Poor polish guitar player.