So I have been thinking about gear building for a while but I don't know where to start. What is an easy first project?
saga kits from ebay if you don't have money or tools.

If you have money but no tools cobble something together at www.allparts.com or www.warmoth.com

If you have tools and money then check out www.lmii.com for their electric guitar kit.

The saga kits are basically just a guitar that is premade and needs put together. The real challange with these kits is finish and the setup. It's not really building a guitar, but as you put it together and set it up you will learn a lot if you are starting with basically no knowledge.

Warmoth has lots more options than saga kits. This means you need to know a little more about guitars to make good choices about what you want in your kit. Most of the parts are pretty much made when you get them but you can do stuff like cut your own headstock shape if you want to. Their parts cost a lot but they are nice.

LMI kits have the nicest parts of any kit and they have everything you need to build your guitar (except the finish) but there is a catch. They are basically raw lumber. With these kits you really do get the full experiance of building a guitar but without the hassle of finding all the parts. IMO this is the best option if you really want to build a guitar. If you have the tools this will be significantly cheaper than warmoth as well, but if you don't have the tools it'll be significantly more expensive.
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