i just had a $1307 shopping spree

i bought:

a boss rc-2
mxr - phase 90
line six fm-4
line six dl-4

i plan to have my setup go like this

guitar>wah>ts-9>amp and have this in the effectsloop>ehx big muff>?>?>?>?> out comes the music

the > are obviously cables and the ? are my new pedals what order should i put these pedals in?

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

The FM-4 or the Phase 90 would go first, and the other would go second. After that you'd want to have the DL-4 running into the RC-2. So it'd be: EFX Loop: >FM-4>Phase 90>DL-4>RC-2. With the FM-4 and the Phase 90 being switchable.
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take the muff out of the loop id say

other than that

all mod stuff should go into the loop, in what order - experiment what sounds best!


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