I'm needing some help. I'm having trouble on deciding between an 006 Blackjack and a Dragonfly Elite. I know their are a million factors but if anyone has some experience with either of these to assist, that'd be great! I typically play Dropped "D" but with everything down half a step so the 6th is @ C#. I play through a Mig 50H with a 2X12" Genz Benz upright closed back guitar cab. I'm very much into rythm playing. I currently have an Ibanez S540 from the early 90's I believe. I like a lot of bass and thickness. Into I guess you could say metal(?) alt, prog, post-rock, experimental, indie kinda stuff. I have an e-bow and like it, however find it a bit cumbersome. I'm thinking the sustainer would be an awesome tool in creating tones for mood/feel/etc. The only thing that turns me away from the Fernandes is the 24.75" scale, I like the 25.5". I have fairly large hands and prefer using .10's for strings. I realize there's a large price gap in between the two, I think both are fair quality instruments. Anyway, as said, any advice would be much appreciated, thanks!
I've never had a chance to check out the sustainer, but if it works as described then how can you not want one? Even if you only ever use it once, it's an awesome tool to have.
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