First off, I wasn't sure which forum I should post this in, so feel free to move it to the appropriate section.

Well I haven't played my guitar in months and am thinking about taking it to the local Guitar Center. It's a cobalt blue Jackson DKMG dinky. It's not the current model. I purchased it in April of 2005. The current model has the EMG 81 and 85 pickups, but mine has the EMG HZ. Mine has a Floyd Rose licensed tremolo, and the Jackson TurboCharger. It's in pretty good shape, a few very minor dings here and there. It also has some rust at the nut. I'm asking what you guys think because I can't find any like mine on eBay. You're input would be greatly appreciated, and probably help me to not get screwed when I go to sell it.
They would probably give you around 250
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I'd say around £290.00

but seriously why stop playing it?

and if you put any humbuckers/pick-ups you can adds more bucks to it!
how much did u pay for it ?
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also, guitar center buys used gear for VERY cheap, then they resell it for a fair used price
Ted: [Whispering to Bill] Your stepmom is cute.
Bill: Shut up, Ted.
Ted: Remember when she was a senior and we were freshmen?
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I bought it for $630 from MusiciansFriend. Would it be smarter for me to put it on eBay?
Unless the 05 model had something special different, not just a change in style different, then its probably worth mint the same as the new model unless the 05 cost more. Since its old, there are dings, and it is discontinued model of something they already have prob. not much I think dinkys are only worth like 700 new so your lookin at less than that for sure. I can't give you a price cuz it wasn't worth much to begin with and it wasn't a special model like artist or anything, but definitely less than what ppl pay for the same model today. Unless you left out that it was the mg series cuz i think those go for more to. good luck...
I'd say $400 is fair,,,if it were mine, i think id go for $450, but I don't know the condition of it.
DONT TAKE IT TO GC! they will rip you off. your better off selling it if you wanna get rid of it. last year I went to trade my black dkmg in and they said they would give me $175 for it. and mine was mint besides needing vew FR springs
you should be able to get 350 for it. The hz's drop the value a little. It would be 400-450 with 81-85's in it. Nice guitars tho!
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FFFDFEFRFKFFF,jeremylp,atreyurock9, noahfor, Vangkm, Used666, and sgtshak- great sellers/traders!!
I think it's in pretty good condition. It has the usual scratches on the back, from belt buckles and the like. Most of the scratches are on the part that you unscrew to get to the inside of the guitar though, not on the actual body. I want to thank you guys for your input, I was hoping it would be in the $350-$400 range, but was unsure how accurate that was.