So I'm thinking about getting my first 12 string and after much thought have narrowed it down to the Takamine EG523SC12 r the Washburn J28 SDL12. Ive played both of these guitars at music shops and stuff and i really like them both. Which one do you guys think will be the best choice.
Heres the linkage:



Any help appreciated

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Thats a tough choice. They are very similar.

To me, it comes down to whether or not you want electronics. The Washburn is probably nicer appointed otherwise...to me, the tuners on it seal the deal. They are the best tuners I have ever seen on a guitar less than $1000.

I'd try to play both, if you can, and make your decision from there.

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^--Agreed. The specs are very similar. Id choose the washburn but it comes down to whether or not you need electronics.