This is about some mayan legend or some twilight zone episode that I saw, not shure which.

The sun burns high,
Bringing life giving light,
but the dark keeps it aloft,
The snister reason the goes on without thought.

In a cave it lays, ancient sacerfice it stays,
never to be disturbed, never to be touched.

Jar of blood,
keeps the sun in the sky,
The only thing you need
is fresh sacerfice.

Made of solid gold,
for the god to be pleased
there blood lust spans thousands of years.
As the warm heat sears.

Blood mixed with sand,
brining eternal darkness to the land
It must be filled again,
life ust be lent.

Jar of blood
Keeps the sun in the sky,
To quinch the god's blood lust
Is fresh sacerfice.
hmm i think you need more lyrics to that. hahah it's funny because i just go on peoples lyrics and jam guitar while saying the lyrics in my head, yours turned out to sound pretty kool. just needs more to it. that would only be a 2- 2;30 minute song
like where your coming from though keep it up! maybe check my song out, it's called Slipping Away. Peace bro