i need an amp that can play
metal ALL that remains, Trivium, metallica.

pop punk Green Day, Blink-182

some BRitish Rock like Interpol

Neil Zaza, Steve Vai tone..(soothing aw, solo)

Decent Cleans

Under 1000$

Im thinking : Valvking 50 watt combo, 6505 60 watt combo, 5150 combo, JCM900 half stack, jcm800 half stack, b-52 100 watt stack.

Plus a TubeScreamer or OD.

My guitar : Schecter Gryphon with the original "Duncan Designed" pickups.
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If you want to save up a bit more you can get a Peavey JSX combo, the GREATEST amp i have ever played. But, if your set on buying it now, go for the 6505. The clean is decent and the heavy tones are great. And plus you have the TubeScreamer, that can add a little bit of kick to either the clean tone or the distorted tone.

hope I helped
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Do you really need amps that large? A 100-watt stack is a ton, even if you actually are gigging.


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You could try the new Bugera 6262. Modeled after the peavey 5150 it has an agressive tone and very responsive. Only $800.00 for the head and the cab. Its all tube and it actually rocks real hard. Dont let the price fool you. Its all made in house so its cheap. The clean is very pleasing also with spring reverb it has a crisp, clear sound very similar to a peavey classic. It has great distortion tones similar to the JSX or the 5150. A great buy for under a $1000.00 dollars.
vox AC30: hey, how are your cleans?

5150: *facepalm*

moral of the story: metal amps and cleans dont mix under a grand
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Used Mesa Boogie amps come to mind. Randall amps, Peavey amps such as the XXX and JSX, the Carvin V3, used Laney amps.

I see only see one Metal band though.

Metalcore =/= Metal.

I'm just joshing you dude.
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