So I got into an accident about a month ago, pretty minor stuff. On a 3-lane road, I changed from the left into the middle at the same time as this guy changed from the right into the middle... and we bumped. The corner panel of his car hit the passenger door of my car, and there wasn't much damage.

Honestly, the damage done could have been worse if the accident had happened in a parking lot. Anyway, that's not the issue, the issue is this guy. He's trying to get the insurance company to make the accident listed as my fault, claiming he was in the middle lane before I tried to change lanes. There's no forensic evidence to support either of us, and me being truthful as I am, admitted that it's a possibility that he's telling the truth, but that I recall it differently.

Anyway, he's now claiming to have injuries and medical bills. How am I supposed to battle this? I'm a poor college kid... I'm friends with an attorney but I don't think I can afford to pay her to help me.

Even if he's not full of shit about the accident, he's definitely full of shit about the injuries. I want so badly to call him out, I just don't really know how.
Ask your attorney friend how to call him out, then. There's gotta be a way
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if you admitted any guilt which by what you said "i admitted that it's a possibility" you are ****ed. thats one thing, even if it is your fault in an accident, never admit it. because there is no evidence to help you out and you admitted it might be a possibility you pretty much sealed your fate in saying it was your fault.
in saying that he was injured, you need to get a lawyer. there is no way you can fight that. your attorney will call for actual doctors to examine this guy. but i would start saying that you were injured to counteract him.
the insurance companies wont do jack, wait till it goes to court and start fighting it there. anything you do now he will use as ideas to fight what you are saying...
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that guys a jackass
but if you want to call him out, id say you have to get a lawyer if you want a chance
maybe ur friend can give you a dicount for being a friend? idk, but like exiledsoul said, when you admitted fault on the accident, you made the injuries the only thing you can call him out on
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Never ever, ever ****ing admit to anything in this sort of situation. Like the poster above, saying "I admit that it's possible" is going to **** you over. That's the same as saying in court, "I think that he had brown hair". Do you THINK he had brown hair or do you KNOW he had brown hair? If you are unsure about a situation then you lose credibility.

If there are no facts to back up his claims, then he's not going to get anywhere in this battle anyway. But you have to be careful. Try and get your attorney friend to help you out with this.
never ever admit to anything, and secondly, assasinate him if u get the chance

or better yet, assasinate yourself

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^ Like these have said, you should have kept your mouth shut.

When did you admit you might be to blame? If it was at the scene, right after the accident you could just say it was because of shock, and you didn't know what you were saying.

Your best bet is to get legal help, and keep insisting you weren't to blame.
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