is there a cheaper version of the Xbox 360™ Wireless Networking Adapter or should i just save my money and get the offical microsoft one?
i have a wireless adapter for my laptop but the think i am talking about is something that u plug in ur 360 and it picks up ur wireless adapter
it looks like it uses a USB port. so i would guess that any USB wireless network adaptor would work. im not positive on that tho.

EDIT: possibly this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833124187
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Yeah you can only use the microsoft wirelss one, there is something else however but i've forgotten what it's called, it has an ethernet end and doesn't require a driver or anything to work, it just acts like an ethernet adapter but i can't remember what their called and am not entirly sure it woulf work.
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i use my mac laptop as a wireless adapter. You can use any laptop as long as you have wireless internet.
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Just plug it into your router

This man is right. It costs virtually nothing.
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I remember seeing a third-party one that plugged into the Ethernet port for $80... if that's any better. But you need to buy something, most Xbox 360 games are ****ty without XBL.