Got some strings for my electric guitar, my high E had popped, should i first take all my strings off then change it, or first put new E then take the B out and put new B, etc.
Also want to know how to put on the strings on.
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What kind of guitar are you using? If it has a floating trem, then yes, change them one at a time. If it's a hardtail or string-through, you can change them one by one or take them all off.
I always change one at a time, tighten them up, then tune.

On old acoustic guitars I'll change one string at a time and tune it then move to the next string then retune all strings again
different people do it different ways. i like to take them all of, maybe give a bit of a clean to those hard to reach areas, then string up, starting from the middle and working outwards. some don't. its up to you. if you have a floyd rose, taking them all off may be unpractical. if you don't, it won't be.

some people might suggest that it is bad for the neck to take all the strings off. do not listen to these people. they are wrong.
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0.009 stings? You'll definitely slice your fingers open on those...
Quote by stuey22
0.009 stings? You'll definitely slice your fingers open on those...

i think my individual strands of hair are thicker than 0.009 XD

anyway.. if you're having new strings break on you, check your bridge for burrs or sharp spots.. check your tuning too.. its an easy rookie mistake to be tuned too high and have your strings snap..
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lol stuey22 thats what I was thinking, I was like 0.009 strings? If they even make those you might aswell be playing on an imaginary string, or a cardboard guitar. XD
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