I have pro tools LE 7.3 right now.. and the digidesign m box 2 mini dealy.. but the problem is the box only has two inputs.. not very ideal for recording drums. I found a digital output mixer with the same USB output in the back of it... would it work for the pro tools system I have?

I can't help you there, but, can i ask how much pro tools is?
Now officially has too much gear to list

PM me if you want to know about my recording setup
You can run the stereo outs into the 2 inputs on the Mbox. You MUST have the Mbox hooked up for ProTools to work, it wont function with 3rd party hardware.
I was thinking about that.. but then I wouldn't be able to have all the tracks for the drums... or would it even matter? cause I guess I could have it all nice and mixed with the digital mixer and then just have one mono or stereo track on pro tools... would that sound good?
USB can only export 1 stereo track, so it wouldn't matter either way.
oh gotchya.. would the drums sound good coming from the digital mixer into a stereo track?
Sorry to cut in, but I need a mixer use with for pro tools. Does anyone know of any mixers with 2 XLR inputs that has a MONO into PT?